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*Please note that we are no longer a PT Cruiser Club.
Our Club died with our beloved Airedale Sabrina.
This web site is now purely and only about PT Cruisers.*

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December 23, 2013

And For Even More About Electrical Issues

PT Cruiser’s horn, turn signals and hazards don’t work

December 22, 2013

PT Electrical Issues

The issues discussed here are ones that have besieged us from

the very beginning on both of our PT  Cruisers.

If they are also problems for you, you may find this information to be of some help.

Good luck to all of us~

PT Cruiser Electrical and Lighting Problems

December 20, 2013

Recurring Oil Light

We have been having a recurring issue with our check oil light.

We  just had the oil changed to see if that might stop it, but it did not.

Oil levels are always correct and no leaks were spotted anywhere.

In the past we have had this same kind of recurring issue with the check engine light.

We have replaced sensors in the past and are now wondering if this

could be what is causing the oil light to come on?

Will post here, when we find out what it is!

December 20, 2013

PT Hatch Problems

Here is a problem that you may, or may not, have experienced with your PT Hatch

so thought it might help to share this,  just in case any one else has too.

Rear Hatch Trouble

December 19, 2013

Trouble With PT  Brakes

This is something that we have had to deal with on our 2006,

so thought I would share it.

PT Cruiser Brake Problems

December 17, 2013

’07 Power Seat

After being away from this Blog for months, unable to post due to

the theft of our laptops while on vacation in Indiana in September,

it is time once again to share some of the interesting tips found recently

to help those with peculiar or particular issues with their PT Cruisers.

07 Power Seat Switch

September 2, 2013

PT  Brake Booster?

So what is a Brake Booster?

Or in our case, a PT Cruiser Brake Booster?

Well, while traveling some 45 to 50 miles from home in 98 degree temperatures,

is not a time to try and find this out.

We did get our baby back home, slowly because she did have a brake, sort of.

Remember how our ancestors traveling out West had to stop fix their covered wagons?

Once home, I rechecked to see if this ‘amateur mechanic’ could find a quick fix,

while the computer was warming up.

The internet has bailed me out time and time again, with helpful hints on how to repair a problem.

But, not this time, which is why I am writing this today.

A brake booster, many newer vehicles have this type of system, uses vacuum to help stop your vehicle.

After looking around under the hood and time and time again asking questions of my server,

I spotted a connection that should have had a hose connected?

No hose, no place to attach the other end of a hose?

If you type into your server the words, ” Images of a Brake Booster, “

you can see the many types of them and the possible problem with them.

We have a 2006 PT Cruiser, the brakes went hard, she heard a noise I did not,

come to find out that it was a vacuum sucking sound.

The number one tool in millions of homes is?


Somehow, I needed to safely get to a parts store at some twenty miles away to buy a 1/4″ rubber cap

to replace the old one, one would guess got hot and weak enough from brake fluid to just fall off?

It would seem that this particular booster has a fitting on it capable of hooking up other hoses?

Just think about this, if one could not find this and many other types of problems,

how much would your dealer have charged to do this repair?

PT Brake Booster

Looking on the right of this photo you can see this fitting?


The Fox

January 17, 2013


We have had several issues with our PT Cruisers over the years and have

found some good information online to help with either recalls or defects in them.

This is just one of several places to look for potential problems with yours:

PT Cruiser Recalls

January 7, 2013

Some Updates For PT Repairs

Three things recently came in my email that I wanted to share.

These are things that have been reported to be common problems for PT’s,

so thought someone else may appreciate the information too.

Have fun~

The first was about front wheel bearings:

PT Wheel Bearings

Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

The second was a youtube about tie rods:

PT Cruiser Loose Tie Rods

And the last one:

Engine Warning Lights

November 23, 2012

Giving Back To Those Who Serve

If you would like to help Military families during the Holiday Season,

some PT Cruisers owners are offering us a way to do just that :

USO Operation ELF

November 17, 2012

PT Relays and Fuses

Since we have a 2006 and have had some issues in this area,

thought it would be a good thing to post here:

Fuel Pump Relays and Fuses

September 26, 2012

Cooler Weather Means It’s Repair Time For Our PT Cruiser

Our signal light had not been working correctly, so the last time that we

had some cool weather, I removed the front wheel, on the passenger side

of my 2006 PT Cruiser to change the signal light bulb.

Yes, this is ridiculous, but remember Chrysler shipped the work out of this country.

So, this is a foreign made American car?

To my horror, I found that the wires looked like squirrels had eaten the wire right

at the base of the socket, it was all chewed up.

I super glued and taped the wire, the only way left to hook it up.

I priced the socket assemble at auto parts stores, only to find out that the

2006 was too new for them to carry.

Go to a junk yard?

I priced the assembly at my local Chrysler dealer: $188.00!

They also told me to go to a junk yard!

Today because the signal light started acting funny while the headlights were on and

the car computer also started acting funny, so I removed the driver’s side wheel to

change out that signal light bulb and found that the wires to the socket were chewed

off in just about the same place as on the passenger side.

After a closer look, this time with my glasses on, I found out that this was not a squirrel

hungry job, but poor engineering on the part of Chrysler and their hired out company!

The rubber cover, to protect the lights and wires from rain, was in fact rubbing on the

wiring at the end of the socket and after a time it chewed through the wiring!

So, 50 cents worth of wire connectors, lots of electrical tape

and two new light bulbs for $6.00.

That’s done! – The Fox

May 11, 2012

It’s Time To Travel With Our Pets

My home state of Indiana is beautiful in September

After a very lengthy absence, the Blog is back and ready to rock.

As many of you may already know, the Lake County PT Cruiser Club,

died with our beloved Sabrina two years ago.

Now our new baby, Breanna has filled our lives with joy and

we take her everywhere, to everything all over Florida

and the rest of the whole country.

She loves to travel and she loves being in “her” PT Cruiser.

In the past 24 months we have gone to some really wonderful places

to eat, sleep, shop and play and we wanted to share some

of these places with all of you.

If you have pets like we do, that refuse to stay home, (and why should they)

you will appreciate knowing about the places here in Florida,

that not only welcome them, but absolutely pamper them.

Come see our newest section about Places in Florida to go with your pets.

And how knowing who and where they are, can make all of our lives here in

the beautiful “sunshine state” better with our favorite pets~


December 4, 2011

Follow Up To Stolen PT Cruiser And Dog Story

This just came in my email and thought it should be shared:

Police: Man Lied About Stolen Car, Dog

November 26, 2011

A Sad, Infuriating Story For Dog Lovers

We live in Central Florida and this week a bizarre event/crime happened,

that bears repeating to remind people about just how low thieves will stoop.

A red 2006 PT Cruiser was left unlocked, with the engine running at a Bank of America

on State Road 50, in Clermont, while the owner went to the ATM to get cash.

While they were doing this, someone jumped into the unlocked, running car and took off with it.

What they did or did not know, was that asleep on the back seat was the owners dog.

And, not just any dog, but a 7 year old German Shepherd named Lady.

Now my problem with this whole thing is this,

if the thief did not see the dog when they took the car, that is one thing,

but if they did and still took it, that is another altogether.

My second thought is for the owner, why leave the car unlocked and running?

My third thought is, did the dog wake up and see a stranger in their car and react?

As a dog lover and dog owner, I find this disturbing on so many levels.

The owners are, as to be expected, heartbroken about their missing dog, but

they also cannot go out and look for Lady because they now have no car.

But the biggest question is, what did the car thief do with Lady?

There must be some way that the dog could be returned without the thief being arrested, right?

How low have we sunk as a race, that even our pets are not safe in our cars?

Car Stolen in Clermont with Dog Inside

If you have seen a wandering/lost German Shepherd, who is wearing a collar,

(she also has a micro-chip) and will probably respond to her name, Lady, or if you

see an abandoned Red 2006 PT Cruiser in or near the Clermont area,

or know of anything that might be of help, please call:

The Clermont Police: 352 394-5588

or The Orlando Sentinel: 407 420-5620

or Crimeline: 1 800 423-TIPS

or email: bprieto@tribune.com

November 14, 2011

Karma Catches Up To The Copycat!

This is a story that will make all of us who own PT Cruisers smile.

Chevy Discontinues the HHR

November 13, 2011

This Place Is Heaven For PT Cruiser Weekend Mechanics!

Although this page has an extensive list of links relating to PT Cruisers,

*please, please be aware of the warnings for the page,*

PDF files are notorious for causing computer problems, so be aware!!

A PT Cruiser Technical Library

October 17, 2011

Have Some Free Time, Lend a Hand!

Volunteering in your community is a great way to give back,

and it seems that many Baby Boomers are also PT Cruiser owners.

When they retire, Boomers often find that they now have the time to help others

and the versatile PT Cruiser can adapt to many situations,

making it a good choice for transporting not only people,

but also their wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

At 75, this generous, caring woman shows that PT Cruiser owners

not only drive really cool cars, but they are also young at heart.

Giving the Elderly a Lift

October 13, 2011

Could Your PT Cruiser Go Green?

Have you been looking at all of the new Hybrid cars

and feeling just a little bit jealous?

Maybe it is time to consider converting your PT Cruiser and go green?

Think about this:

Lithium Electric PT Cruiser

October 1, 2011

The Highest and Best Use of a PT Cruiser

A converted electric PT Cruiser is being used by EPA scientists to

help measure air pollutants and making those of us who own them smile.

Working With the Best of the Best

September 16, 2011

Rough Idling in 2006 PT Cruiser

We have had this problem with our 2006 and thought it might be a good story to list.

There are several possible causes and some are shown on the page below.

At first we thought that our new GPS was the culprit for the rough idle,

but soon found out this was not the case.

Ours was caused by a dead fan, which we replaced, hope yours is not as costly.

Thankfully, we do have a contract, so only paid a small portion of the total repair bill.

What Would Cause Rough Idling?

August 24, 2011

2001 Fog Light Issue

As one of our PT Cruiser’s is a 2001, we thought that this

 information might be helpful to others who have one as well.

The scariest thing with this problem, if you don’t catch it,

is just how fast it can run down your battery.

Fog Light Problem With 2001 PT Cruiser

August 18, 2011

An Inspirational Life

Still driving his PT Cruiser at 100, this Pennsylvania man

 makes us all look like kids.

He says that he has lived so long because he eats healthy,

worked hard all his life and has strong faith and good luck.

What more could he want,

he already has an awesome PT Cruiser!

The Gold Chariot

August 14, 2011

The Annual Cruisers Picnic, UK Style!

This looks so cool.

These people really know how to have a good time.

Wish we could be there, but it’s in England, so…….

PT Cruiser Drive Through

August 5, 2011

PT Cruiser With Camels to the Rescue

Ok, I want to know how they got the Camels in the PT Cruiser!

These two friends in New Jersey love Camels, so the friend who wanted

to cheer the sick one up, delivered a pair of them to his front yard.

How they actually got them there is not mentioned.

What is the real towing/weight capacity on a PT?

Woman Delivers Camels to Cheer Up Friend

August 4, 2011

He Makes Repairs On The Road

This story should encourage anyone who thinks that they

may have put too many miles on their PT Cruiser.

My 2001 has about the same miles as his does,

but not for the same reasons~

This “Doctor” Makes Really Long Distance House Calls

July 5, 2011

This sort of thing has happened to us and our PT’s are not Turbo’s.

It almost feels like an A-fib flutter.

The solution this man offers seems like a positive move,

 if this is also affecting your PT, Turbo or not!

Missing Hesitation Feeling in PT Cruiser

June 22, 2011

T-Shirt Sales Raise Money for Shelter

This Club makes the PT People in Florida look good.

Congrats to them.

What a great thing to do.

God Bless.

PT Cruisers Donate $2500 to Shelter

June 13, 2011

This Guy is Such an Inspiration

What a great guy and thanks to the group Ride to Live,

who gave a Wounded Warrior a PT Cruiser:

He Gets Your Motor Running

June 8, 2011

Want to Help your Wallet and Our Country?

This company can convert your PT Cruiser into an Electric Cruiser.

Can we finally say goodbye to the greedy Arab Nations who are destroying

our economy and crippling our recovery with their outrageous gas prices?

LI-ION Motors

Have You Been Embarrassed by Your Alarm?

Before you look goofy in the Wal Mart Parking lot:

How to Disable the Alarm on Your PT

May 27, 2011

Good Questions, Good Answers

Problem with a PT Cruiser Battery

More Car Advice from the UK Here

Advice About PT Brakes

More PT Answers Here

And Here

May 24, 2011

If you enjoy traveling out of town for PT Events,

this web site has a list of things happening up to October:

PT Cruiser Network – Events

May 1, 2011

Random Readings for May Day

Are the Cars that We Choose Determined by our Sex?

Not really sure about this, but, I personally have owned two

of the ones on the list it says that females buy, sooooo…….

Cars Men Buy

Got More Chrysler Questions?

Find some of the answers here:

Chrysler Questions and Answers: April 2011

April 21, 2011

Ford Truck 1, PT Cruiser ?

The only thing that can be said is,

look at the drivers compartment.

It is still intact, mostly!

Texting, Medication Led to Pile Up

April 17, 2011

Is it Ever Going to End?

Don’t know what you are paying for gas where you live,

but here in Central Florida, it has gone over the $4 mark

and show no signs of stopping.

Living here in the Entertainment/Vacation Capital of America,

means that we locals all suffer along with the Tourists.

The Three Stages of Gas Price Grief

April 11, 2011

Can You Say Amazing or Maybe a Miracle?

How many cars do you suppose would have survived this kind of crash after

having a semi do this to them and allow the owners to walk away?

Mom and Daughter Survive Crash

April 3, 2011

Daddy and Me with our PT Cruiser

What do You Mean This is Your Car?

We know all about having nose prints on every window in our PT Cruisers.

Airedales, or any other breed I am sure, do not discriminate,

they rub their noses on every window in their car.

Dogs are Well Worth Nose Prints!

March 29, 2011

California Says No More

Once again, California shows us the way in demanding what’s right of Companies.

They have just introduced a Bill named after the two sisters

who died in an Enterprise unrepaired recalled PT Cruiser.

California May Say Fix Recalls or Don’t Rent

March 25, 2011

She is Just a Kid at heart!

An Ohio woman may be the world’s oldest driver and

guess what she’s driving, a PT Cruiser!

Ohio Woman Celebrates her 119 Birthday

March 19, 2011

PT’s Loved All Over the World

Just in case you thought that Americans were the only ones

 who love their PT’s, think again.

This unique car has devoted fans as far away as South Africa:

Singer Loves Her P.T. Cruiser

March 12, 2011

Rented an Unsafe Car Lately?

As written about here recently, a tragedy with a rented PT Cruiser

caused the unnecessary deaths of two young California women.

This new Bill by NY Senator Schumer is meant to stop Rental Companies in their tracks.

We have rented many cars over the years from this same Company

and the thought that we were deliberately put in harms way is unnerving.

Don’t think that their parents wouldn’t trade the $15 million settlement in a minute

to get their daughters lives back.

New Bill Will Stop Renting of Recalled Cars

March 9, 2011

The Auto MD

Just found this and think it could be of use to some of you,

especially liked the recall links and service bulletins.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Repair

March 6, 2011

When I saw this story this morning, I couldn’t resist checking it out.

Everyone knows the story of how the guy who created the PT jumped ship

 and made a second fortune doing a wannabe for Chevrolet.

We all know how it ends, but it was nice to see the story again, one last time.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Milestones

February 25, 2011

After seeing a terrible story on the news this morning about two young girls

 who died in a fire in a rented PT Cruiser that had not had a required

recall service performed, I wanted to check to see if either of

 ours was one of the affected cars.

Great page, good information.

PT Cruiser Repair Tips

February 20, 2011

Great question since our other PT is a 2001.

Several other questions are also answered here:

How Do You Time a 2001 PT Cruiser?

February 17, 2011

Since one of our PT’s is a 2006, we thought that

these might be useful pages for others too:

Problems with the Horn on a PT

Horn Problems on the 2006 PT Cruiser

Horn Not Working, Fuses Not Blown?

February 15, 2011

This would be good if it were really possible.

Just not sure if it will ever trickle down to us:

NASA’s Battery Know-How Powers Electric Cars

Electric PT Cruisers?

February 11, 2011

No this is not a helpful hint, this is just a bit of brevity:

PT Cruiser 0, iPad 1

February 8, 2011

All about those curious Codes on your PT Cruiser:

How to troubleshoot PT Cruiser Codes

February 5, 2011

Just found this site and think it could help many

of you who prefer to do it yourselves.

PT Do It Yourself: Technical Library

February 2, 2011

A great place to find out what your PT is really worth

and tons of other vital information:


January 29, 2011

Time to work on your PT Brakes?

A place to learn more:

How to Replace PT Cruiser Brakes

January 26, 2011

PT Cruiser Questions

We think it’s good to know as much as possible about

your car before you have to take it in for repairs,

so here is another helpful place.

You’ve got questions, they’ve got answers!

Many times car problems have simple solutions.

PT Cruiser Questions

January 24, 2011

Yup, this has been noticed on both of our PT’s.


January 21, 2011

This is a great place to find answers to many questions about your PT.

PT Cruiser Repair Questions

January 17, 2011

Did you know that in California the PT ranks as number 4

of the top 10 of cheapest cars to insure in 2011?

Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure

January 15, 2011

Got a heating problem with your PT?

Some answers can be found here:

The PT Cruiser Forum

Two recent maintenance tips for your PT:

Timing Belt Diagnosis

Heater Smell

January 14, 2011

Does your PT have a little quirk and you’re not sure exactly what to do first?

PT owners love to swap stories and there are many places to find answers.

This web site has some facts that may be hard to hear for those of us who love our PT’s.

Consumer Guide Automotive

January 12, 2011

PT Cruiser named one of the best of the Decade

Too bad that Chrysler decided to stop making them!

These are the Best Cars of the Decade

January 10, 2011

This web site is a gold mine for PT owners who enjoy doing their own upkeep and repairs.

As always, you should always seek a professional for more complicated work.

PT Cruiser Repairs

January 7, 2011

Keeping our two PT Cruisers healthy and happy in the tropical Florida climate,

can frequently present some unique maintenance issues,

so the first subject addressed on this new Blog

will be about charging the Air Conditioner.

How to Charge a PT AC

Life is better in Lake County, Florida!

To learn more about placing an Ad, listing an Event,

or becoming a Sponsor, please email us at:

donnaljones  at  centurylink.net

Life is better in Lake County, Florida!

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